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About Renato Watches
Groundbreaking. Captivating. Confident. Simply building a watch is never enough for Renato Watches. Creating a masterpiece of time and a true landmark design is more their style.

Not satisfied with the typical "cookie cutter" designs in the watch industry, Designer Daniel Mink Renato chose to break away from the crowd and create, from the ground up, a completely new look.

Renato Watches was born from a desire to raise the bar, to offer something truly unique to collectors of time.  In 2005, Renato unleashed the original “Beast” to wide acclaim.  With the release of this awe-inspiring new design, Renato Watches laid down the gauntlet to other watch makers around the globe. The message was clear: Elevate your game or eat dust.

"Nothing short of perfection" is a phrase often heard in Renato factories. Down to the smallest detail, expect only the best. Hand selected materials, custom packaging, and a solid 5-year warranty backed by a company dedicated to customer satisfaction..

High grade components are standard, including 316L Stainless steel, sapphire crystals, exotic and Swiss-made movements and more. While it's true a Renato may cost a bit more, the quality and value are simply among the best in the world. All tolled, the features and craftsmanship of a Renato rival that of watches costing several times more.

Bold, stylish and unique, Renato Watches symbolize what the true essence of watch collecting is all about: True self-expression of your unique personality. Why settle for anything less? Wear a Renato and Unleash the Beast within You.

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