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135-965 - Gems en Vogue 6mm Princess Cut Gemstone Stud Earrings
More Colors Available Gems en Vogue 6mm Princess Cut Gemstone Stud Earrings
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One of our unique collections here at ShopHQ is our Platinum Embraced™ jewelry line, this particular series using sterling silver as its base and then plating each ring, bracelet, necklace or pin with pure Platinum, the rarest, heaviest and hardest of all the precious metals. The truth about this prized metal is that there are no large above-ground stockpiles, as there are with gold and silver, which simply means you never know when this most highly coveted and beloved precious metal may become unavailable. Only mined in South Africa and Russia, most of South Africa's supply is already committed to industrial contracts. That leaves Russia's mines to produce the majority of the Platinum for the jewelry industry, a process that takes 10 tons of ore and a 5-month process to generate just one little ounce, which explains why the price of this oh-so-beautiful, treasured metal is so high. However, we at ShopHQ.com, like nice things and want you to have the best options to shop for. This is why we have searched to find what we believe to be the best plating process, producing the highest quality fine jewelry, crafted with the unmistakable color and sheen only pure platinum possesses. Platinum, fortunately, will always look "rich" and by choosing a variety of colored stones, you will have a piece of jewelry to complement your wardrobe.
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